SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence

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I have been using this serum everyday for past few weeks and I can already see some improvement in my skin. The best part was i did not have any break out neither any irritation on my skin while using it everyday.Skin care stuff reacts differently on different skin types, so try it out for yourself and see if how works for you.

Suggested Usage:

  • Place desired amount palm of hand.
  • Dot on forehead, cheeks, and chin.
  • Spread it evenly, outward to entire face.

My take on SK-II


SK-II comes in beautiful glass bottle, clean, modern and the dropper makes it easier to take desired amount avoiding any accident for getting to much serum out.


  • Brightens the skin.
  • Skin looks healthy and plump.
  • Did not irritate my skin.
  • Did not break me out.
  • Has no strong smell.
  • Only a small amount is required.

I waited for few weeks after getting this complimentary sample from SK II to write this review so that i can give a proper view of product after using it for a while.


Step up to Fitness – Motivation for starting weight loss program

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Since the heading has caught your attention… i know you want to get rid of that excess fat accumulated in your body .

I have been working out for quite a while and one thing  i have learned from over the year is you cannot achieve ideal weight overnight, time and dedication is the key to get desired result. So always start with changing small habits and then go deeper as your journey starts to reach towards its goal. I will be penning my thoughts that are simple and effective.

Ask yourself why you want to do this?? There are hundreds of answers to this questions but what is your. Find out that and you are stepping forward in right direction. Now that you know what you want, next step is to find how to achieve it. I will call that critical step ” Motivation“.

Getting a motivation to reduce your waistline or achieving a desired body is as important as adding salt to your food. Here your mind plays an important factor, so make up your mind to achieve you goal, your body will gradually follow. Since everyone has a different will power, the significant factor will be to keep that will-power consistent. Below are steps that can keep you going strong and effective for getting success.

  1. Think about time when your body was in perfect shape and how would it make you feel to be like that again.
  2. Get inspire by someone whom you admire and want a body like them.Like a celebrity poster that would give you a constant encouragement when ever you are in room to reach your goal.
  3. Window shop new clothes that you would like to see yourself when you hit the result.
  4. Sign up for workout class, once you see other working out believe me you get in that mode.
  5. Get a workout partner if you are planning to start working out on your own.It makes workout fun to do it with another person.
  6. Read about the achievements people has got in their weight loss goal.
  7. Go for a morning walk with a friend and think how it makes you feel when you miss it.
  8. Weighing yourself but not everyday only every once a week or 10 days period. Your weight log can trigger you weight loss program.
  9. Join group of people who has the same goal for health and weight.
  10. Read books/magazines/blogs about benefits of healthy eating & fitness. Think how they will benefit  your lifestyle, will it make you happy that after a long day you still have energy to play with your kid or go out for stroll with your partner.

Find your motivation guys and I will see you soon with the next step.

Disclaimer: This article is based on personal experience. Please consult your doctor when starting a new program.

Focused weight loss

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fruits vegetables

Thinking about weight loss? Then you are on right place. I myself has lost weight and I know  the challenges one goes through the process. Loosing weight requires a lot of  motivation and will power but before that you need an inspiration to get started with it. Although it not so easy but once you will lose those unwanted pounds you gain a lot of things, you feel confident, you like to dress up,you stay away from many illnesses, you feel a lot of energy and you feel happy.

So lets gets  started with  below steps

1. Inspiration

2. Food habits

3. Exercise

4.Calculate you calories

5. Will power and determination

1. Inspiration:  

You are thinking of loosing weight but cannot get started with. Look for inspiration, it depends on every individual what most inspire you, anything that can make you start with you weight loss program. Always remember you can get inspiration from others but  its only you who can make it happen,no one can help you until you are ready to help yourself.

2.Food habit

Watch you diet, it does not mean starve, just eat what is good and fulfilling. You can snack on a packet of chips or cookies and still feel hungry instead snack on carrots you will feel full and satisfied without processed sugar and carbs.Below is a sample vegetarian diet that I followed . You can simply stick to any diet that works for you.Make sure you change your diet every week so your body can lose weight effectively and remember to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

Sample diet:

Morning: 2 glasses of luke warm water with 6 almonds

Breakfast : Sandwich  or cereal with milk or yogurt

Morning snack : 1 fruit

Lunch : 2 slice wheat bran bread or 1 cup rice with vegetables, salad and yoghurt.

Evening snack : 2-4 crackers with tea or coffee no sugar

Evening : Clear soup / green salad / black gram/ green gram sprouts/ Soya bean chunks /Paneer / tofu. You can check for some of these recipe in my food blog.

3. Exercise: There are lots of exercises to choose from walk, yoga, aerobic, swimming, tennis etc . I worked my way with walk and yoga. Exercise 5 -6 days a weeks and take 1-2 days off as necessary. It is very necessary to give enough rest to your body to recover.

  • Walking/ Running : 30 -45 minutes of brisk walking  or running what ever is comfortable to you.You can start with 20- 25 minutes walk and then increase it at you pace but it be regular.
  • Yoga :  If you are doing it regularly go for 30  minutes  session. Yoga helps to tone the body although it won’t alone help to lose weight fast but done along with walk works pretty well.If it feels boring to do it alone you can go for yoga class  believe me it lots of fun doing it in group, just by seeing you parter doing some asanas inspire you to try it for next level.

4. Counting calories:

Counting calories??  Doesn’t sound important, right. Most of us on weight loss thinks that we are eating very less but when writing it down gives the actual figure. Same way when you walk or run make sure you calculate the calorie you burnt, you can use any application for this purpose available these days. Knowing how much calories you in take and how much you burnt will give you an idea where you are in your weight loss graph.

5.Will power and determination: 

So you finally got started and you are loosing weight but after a while when your weight loss slow down so does your will power. During those day keeping a strong will power and determination for achieving your goal will be major success factor. If you really want weight loss be patient and give enough time and never think about giving up.

So from here you are all set to get started and please share what was your inspiration for weight loss?

Teaching moral, manners and empathy to kids from early age

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Every parent want a well-behaved child and we are not sure when  to start working on there soft skills.In my opinion kids start picking up basic manners from parents just by observing them but that doesn’t mean they will learn everything by observing, we still have to work on them and sooner the better.

List of manners kids should learn with help from parent

  • Greet everyone you meet with a hello or warm Good morning/Good evening.
  • Say  “Thank you”  to appreciate others.
  • Say “Please” to show consideration for others.
  • Value you stuff and keep them nicely. Parent should help kid realize the importance of their things by not giving abundance of anything. It good to fulfill your kids wishes but you know best where to put a stop.
  • Help others when they ask for it and if you are busy with your own work simply say I am sorry I need to finish my work before i can help you.
  • No talking when eating and finish all food on your plate.Tell kids that its bad habit to waste food.
  • When someone talk to you listen with full concentration.Explain your kid how he will feel when someone doesn’t listen to him carefully while they talk.
  • Talk nicely and politely even when things doesn’t go the way you want.This needs a lot of practice and lot of help from parent is needed to achieve this.
  • Do not touch anyone things unless someone allows you to do it.
  • Learn to share with others even if its your favorite toy.
  • Patience , it very important to teach how to be patient to kids as it very difficult task for them to stand in line waiting for their turn or waiting for elders finish their talk before interrupting.
  • Caring an important part of growing up.Teach them to care for others.

To sum up kids are our own reflection in some or other way and many times we see them as seeing mirror, so behave the way you want your kids to be.

Would love to hear from other about their views.

Thanks for reading and please like and share if you found it useful.

Preschooler-Kindergartener Education

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We all as a parent worry about our kids education. With increased need of child performing in every area the pressure not only hits the child but parents as well. So with this competing world of education, what we should be doing as a parent? After giving lot of thoughts i came up with few pointer that helped me recognize whats best for my child.

  • Learning

We all want our kid to learn something new in every day life that will help him grow and develop himself  physically emotionally, academically. we want an overall development for our child in every aspect of life. But how we do it?

I believe, making learning a fun experience will help a lot, there are many websites/application/books available these days that makes learning much easier and interesting for kids. One of the interesting site i came across was www.

  • Creativity

Every Kid  is creative in their own way. But recognizing what really interest him can be difficult specially at the small age as he might be doing something one day and totally other thing another day.But we are the best judge for our child so observing closely is the only way to know.Interest can vary from reading , dancing, music, games, painting.

To know what is working best for him  is  to encourage him to try new things , its quite the possibile he wont try it again but at the same time the big possibility could be he will love it and get hook to it. You might also take the help of your child school to have him explore options.Someday he might surprise you with a beautiful painting he did.

  • Interaction

Interaction is the important aspect of life  so talk with him when ever you can, it can be while you are driving him back from school or it can be a bedtime routine like story time .  Talk about what all he did in school for the day? What new did he learn today? Its not always interesting to listen to your kid talk, but it makes him feel appreciated when you listen for all the effort he put in his day.

  • Courage

Tell him to be fearless, with the need to protect our children sometimes we over do for them and hence ignoring how it is impacting there growth. A small thing like asking for your stuff back from other kids or telling about any problem in school to class teacher. It seems like a big task for many of them. Being parent  i understand how painful it becomes during those time.To help him get along with other kids try to keep in group of kids for example take him to story time at your local library.

We all what to raise a happy kid and by following these small steps it will definitely help to achieve the goal in someway.